A few SV9/DH8BQA IOTA 2023 pictures

QTH view to central Europe from the roof terrace

Great sunsets, too! 😉 Here with MC-750 vertical tuned to 12 m (the week before the contest) …

Contest romance! 😉 While antennas were on the roof terrace the op was one level below operating outside on the balcony.

Holiday house from a few meters away … you can “feel” how it slopes. 😉

Another perspective with the 10 m fiber pole nicely to be seen (a bit windy)


The 10 m fiber pole erected and mounted on the roof …

… with ladder line for the ZS6BKW down one level to the tuner/radio.


Another antenna view of the L/4 adjustable vertical

Very loud local QRM! Circads currently in mating season …