September VHF Contest ’22

Once again active with the guys, luckily the last time with the “tongue twister” special event call DM6ØUEA. 😀 I have been mainly active on the radio on Saturday and used Sunday to fine-tune the Node Red installation, i.e. adding options to turn the microwave antenna by 1 or 10 degrees or putting in a locator and then turning the antenna into the right direction. Will have to take a few new screenshots sometime. Also repaired our front door and enjoyed a nice bbq …

                 VHFREG1 Summary Sheet

       Start Date : 2022-09-02

    CallSign Used : DM60UEA
      Operator(s) : DG1BHA,DH8BQA,DL3BQA,DM5DX

Operator Category : MULTI-OP
             Band : 144MHz
            Power : HIGH
             Mode : MIXED
       Gridsquare : JO73CE

        Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts   Pt/Q
         144   CW      22   12014  546,1
         144   USB    336  111394  331,5
       Total   Both   358  123408  344,7

            Score : 123.408

              Rig : IC-9700 + PA
         Antennas : 10 ele DK7ZB Yagi
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