Active from PJ4 soon! :-)

This year we decided to visit Bonaire, PJ4, in the Dutch Caribbean for some holiday style DXpedition as well as participating in CQ WWDX CW at the end of the month. Paul, DL5CW, and Tom, DL5LYM, will travel to Bonaire on Thursday and stay for 3 weeks while my YL and I will join them end of next week and stay for 2 weeks. So expect some activity from PJ4/DL5CW, PJ4/DL5LYM and PJ4/DH8BQA during the next few days until the contest. 😎

For the contest we have been granted PJ4Y as contest callsign. Not decided yet which category we will participate in but taking the low operator count into account it will most probably be M/S. We’ve rented from Peter, PJ4NX’s sister at Bokamba Apartments. Steve, PJ4DX, is our direct neighbour and was quite helpful in all preparations, i.e. arranging for the PJ4Y license, antennas, station availability, a.s.o. Thanks mate!

So looking forward to my travel next week. Maybe I will have a chance to work Paul & Tom myself upfront during the weekend. 😉

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