Another small Aurora opening

SWPC_Aurora_Map_N-201409122255We had another small Aurora opening tonight. Was really waiting for it after the big solar flare 2 days ago. Unfortunately it arrived a little bit too late on earth so the major “impact” was over the Atlantic Ocean. Must have been fantastic to view if one were on a ship or certainly even better onboard a plane flying from Europe to North America. 😉 Would it have arrived maybe 4-5 hours earlier we would have had a super Aurora here in Europe. So it became only a small one that did not reach much south. Anyway, always fun to hear those raspy signals, see below. The following nice QSOs were worked:

21:32   LA8AV    JO59CS      57A   55A   2 m.   CW    AUR      772
21:43   LA3BO    JO59CD      55A   54A   2 m.   CW    AUR      707
21:51   SM4AIQ   JO79FS      57A   57A   2 m.   CW    AUR      732
22:04   SM5EPO   JP8ØMC      55A   55A   2 m.   CW    AUR      788
22:25   SMØWXV   JO89VL      52A   55A   2 m.   CW    AUR      733
22:28   SM5DWF   JO99BW      55A   57A   2 m.   CW    AUR      787
22:30   YL2FZ    KO37QI      53A   57A   2 m.   CW    AUR      952
22:34   SM6CEN   JO67AJ      53A   57A   2 m.   CW    AUR      487
22:46   OZ1FDH   JO65CS      55A   55A   2 m.   CW    AUR      315
22:48   OZ6OL    JO65DJ      54A   55A   2 m.   CW    AUR      275

Signals were very much in & out. Did not have a very stable opening at all. Anyway, here are a few audio recordings again:





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