ARRL-160M & 10M-RTTY

Not much time recently but managed to do a few QSOs in these two single band contests on the opposite ends of the HF (contest) spectrum this weekend. Seems condx were quite nice Saturday morning during ARRL-160M judging from cluster spots and talks with Sandro, DD3SP, who worked some nice ones then. Unfortunately I could only be QRV Sunday morning when condx already had detoriated a bit but still managed to do 16 QSOs into 13 states/sections which is not too bad for just 500 W and a rather high-angled lazy loop between 8 and 16 m high and no RX antennas. Quite a QRP setup on 160 m. 😉

Sunday also saw the second run of the 10M-RTTY contest. Condx were not very good, almost no DX worked except a few South Americans. The more I was surprised to suddenly see my call detected by North American skimmer servers around 13:30z. Had a nice small run into the U.S. until the band closed again an hour later. As you can see 10 m is always good for an unexpected opening. That’s what I like about the band! 😎 Managed 68 QSOs into 15 states and 18 DXCCs in a little over 3 hours being QRV. Having run 500 W from the KPA500 my log is not eligible for an entry as the contest rules only allow low power, i.e. max 100 watts. Nevertheless sent it in as a checklog that will hopefully help the contest sponsors during the log checking process.

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