Aruba license

p4-licenseCristina brought our licenses today. On Aruba you have to apply for a CEPT style callsign, i.e. P4/DH8BQA, which is valid for 1 year. It came in a stamped envelope as can be seen right (click to enlarge). The stamp itself is worth US$ 5 on it’s own. 😉

You can optionally apply for a special call like P4ØFA in my case which is valid for 4 weeks. Unfortunately Paul’s requested special call was not available. So he left it at P4/DL5CW as we were lucky to finally have received our licenses at all. 😉 Tom, DL5LYM, is QRV as P4ØXM, the call he already used some 20 years ago when visiting Aruba for the first time.

As it turned out the guys at DTZ (Directie Telecommunicatie Zaken, the Aruban FCC), have misread my callsign, obviously they had a problem with the Q in BQA. So besides P4ØFA they issued P4/DH8B2A! I think I will make some fun out of it using it one day during this trip. Let’s see how good people really are in copying the correct call. 😎

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