Arubian visitors

J-P, P43A, and his wife Cris, P43C, paid us a visit today. Cris manages Ben’s rental station as the local contact and was very helpful getting our guest licenses – many thanks again!

DSC_3866_crLeft to right: Jean-Pierre, P43A, Cristina, P43C, and Olli, DH8BQA/P4ØFA

We had some nice talks about equipment, antennas (and Arubian climate’s influence on them), contesting & DX and learned a few new things about life on Aruba, too, and how Arubian bureaucracy works (or not 😉). Amazingly you cannot apply for an Arubian license exam anymore as there’s simply nobody to take the exams after the guy doing it went into pension. So all new Arubian ham’s need to obtain there licenses somewhere else, i.e. in the U.S., and then apply for a visitors license on Aruba although it’s their home country. And “new” amateur radio regulations are waiting for governmental approval since 15 years now! So some things are really slow overhere but that can also have advantages as we learnt, too. 😉

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