Bad luck on six today

After spending 12 hours in QRL today I came home in the evening just to hear from the locals there was a real good 6 m opening to the U.S. early afternoon. Great signals, lots of stations and our guys worked quite a number of new squares along the U.S. East Coast. Oh well … 🙁

The band opened slightly late evening again. Heard NWØW up to 529 but no QSO. He even came back twice with “QA?” but of course all of Europe was still calling, no matter what he asked for. These are the moments when I’m really thinking of giving up on 6 m. It’s not the gentleman’s band anymore it used to be. Same misbehaviour as in shortwave pileups. 🙁 Think all the stuff like 10BDXCC tables, DXCC Challenge, etc. where you gain extra points for 6 m have a bad influence. Maybe it’s also the fact you can get on six so easily nowadays as virtually every transceiver has 6 m included and a lot of multiband antennas do so, too. <rant modus off>

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