Sorrily I couldn’t make it to the annual BBQ at DP9A last year so was glad to make it this year. Only drawback was the traffic. 🙁 Was going the 550 km trip with the YL on Friday afternoon but traffic was tremendous with traffic jams all around so the way there took us over 8 hours. 🙁 Going back today on Sunday was just a tad faster with 6,5 hours (normally it takes just 4,5 to 5 hours). Anyway, had an enjoyable time Saturday morning visiting the famous Lutherstadt Wittenberg which is celebrating 500 years of the Reformation this year. While I’m not church-related at all it’s been an interesting visit from an historical perspective nonetheless.

In the afternoon we visited the DP9A club & contest station. Their yearly BBQ is always a nice gathering of good friends with coffee and cakes in the afternoon and a great BBQ in the evening. Lots of interesting talks and lectures, this time by Paul, DL5CW, about the XX9D expedition, as well as Siggi, DL7DF, about their recent VP2E trip, while Chris, DL1MGB, gave a status about the WRTC preparations. All in all a great day and evening again and perfectly suited to free up my mind from all the current QRL stuff. 😎 And, it was great to see DP9A’s new 40+ m high tower with a 40 m 3 ele fullsize beam on top! Wish we could install something like that at our station, too. 😉


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