Chasing down 2 m QRM

Heiko, DG1BHA, ready for QRM hunting. 😉

Occasionally we have some annoying QRM on 2 m over here making working to the south quite hard. 🙁 Tick, tick, tick. Ticks about a second apart, sometimes just s2, sometimes as loud as s7. It’s driving the transceiver’s AGC nuts and our ears, too! As it is not there permanently we didn’t have a chance so far to really track it down. It’s nothing on our own property, that was checked already. As it’s been there today again and Heiko, DG1BHA, and me were at the QTH anyway, we quickly grabbed half of an old yagi and started walking through the village. Must have been an interesting sight. 😀 But, we were successful, found the culprit! 😎

Trying to repair the faulty pasture fence.

It turned out to be a pasture fence about 300 m (!) away with a rotten installation. Owners were very cooperative and let us onto their property to check and try to repair it, too. Our attempts did cure a bit of it but it seemed it would need a lot more work. As it should be a temporary installation only (the owner wants to build a real lattice fence) we agreed he will just turn it off whenever we are going to do serious activities on the 2 m band (i.e. contesting) and we will live with the temporary QRM on “normal” days until he’s done with the lattice fence. So keeping fingers crossed it will not take too long. 😉

These cute alpacas are kept …

… in control by the pasture fence.


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