Yet another contest done. Wanted to go for a serious 15 m single band entry as 20 m is just too crowded during low sunspot times (no chance to hold a frequency with legal limit and a 4 ele Yagi!) and I was not in the mood to do one of the low bands (QRL still keeping me more than busy so usually quite exhausted lately and not up to do 3 nights). Unfortunately I finally caught the flu Wednesday evening and struggled through QRL on Thursday. Still decided to drive the 700 km to the station Thursday night. Feeling really bad getting up on Friday I called Uwe, DL3BQA, to tell him that the 15 m slot was open for him (he didn’t want to do a low band either) and I would step back and just do a few QSOs every now and then, i.e. handing out some points. Luckily health got a little better during the weekend so I still managed 650 QSOs in total which was quite okay under the given circumstances. And it was certainly more fun than doing 15 m, Uwe was not too happy with just above 230 QSOs as DMØY, I guess …

Once again recorded all the QSOs using QSOrder and uploaded them to my Dropbox account. If we worked (or you worked others who were/are using K3IT’s superb recording tool) you can listen to yourself here.

                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: DH8BQA

Class: SO(A)AB HP
QTH: JO73ce
Operating Time (hrs): 15

 Band  QSOs
  160:   23
   80:  224
   40:  102
   20:  302
   15:    1
   10:    0
Total:  652  Prefixes = 435  Total Score = 617,265

Club: Bavarian Contest Club
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