Current antennas

The perfect blue sky weather called for taking an up-to-date photo of our antennas today:

Left to right: Tower with a 6 ele GØKSC OWA for 15 m and an 8 ele YU7EF for 6 m at about 14 m height. Next to the house is a small 8 m tower that used to host our 4 x 10 ele EME group for 2 m which is still not built up again thus only a long 2/70 collinear on it right now. Then the big chimney with a 6 ele GØKSC OWA for 10 m and a 10 ele DK7ZB for 2 m at 20 m height. The chimney also holds the dipoles for 80, 40 & 30 m as well as the apex of our 160 m lazy loop. Attached to the small chimney is a small mast holding my 6/5 ele GØKSC Dualband-Yagi for 6 & 4 m as well as a 9 ele GØKSC LFA for 2 m. The last tower on the right is about 12 m in total height holding a 4 ele YU7EF for 20 m and a 2/2 ele DK7ZB Dualband-Yagi for 17 & 12 m which is offset by 90° to the 20 m beam to avoid SWR interference on the dualbander.

So overall quite a bit of aluminium to play with but still small scale in comparison to all the big guns 😉 and definitely not enough to make up for our northeasterly location … 😐

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