Current antennas


Leaving the QTH this evening we had a wonderful blue sky for a change and after closing the gates and looking at the antennas I couldn’t resist to take a photo although not too good a quality as taken with an old smartphone. 😉 What you see left to right is our 6 ele OWA Yagi for 15 m on a 15 m boom about 50 m away from the station. Next are 2 x 10 ele DK7ZB 2 m Yagis with elevation mounted vertically and currently used for EME. The tower did carry a 4 x 10 ele horizontal array for moonbounce before but we had to disassemble it a while ago to save the antennas as the H frame was broken. Hope to put it back up in the near future. The big chimney (about 18 m plus antenna mast) has a 6 ele OWA Yagi for 10 m with an 11 m boom as well as a horizontal 10 ele DK7ZB 2 m Yagi on top used for TR, AU, ES & MS. Mounted sideways to the small chimney is the remote mast featuring a 4/4 duoband Yagi for 10 & 6 m as well as a 9 ele LFA Yagi for 2 m. Rightmost is the last tower carrying a 4 ele Yagi for 20 m (just a 10 m boom) and a 5 ele Yagi for 6 m. The big chimney also holds the 80, 40 & 30 m dipoles (all Inverted-V) as well as the apex of our 160 m full-size lazy loop.

Plans are to mount a new/better 6 m Yagi above the 15 m beam and something dualband for 17/12 m above the 20 m beam. Also need to install some better lowband antennas, especially for receive (maybe just temporary solutions during the winter). So as you can see still plenty of work left for the future. 😉

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