100_1196It’s a been a few weeks already since I received my EURD trophy but no time for a photo yet. 😉 It’s the highest class of the EURD – the “Europa-RTTY-Diplom” issued by DARC requiring confirmations of RTTY QSOs with 250 different prefixes from 50 WAEs. Applied for it through DCL again using just electronic confirmations imported from LotW. Really easy going and although it sounds difficult to achieve in fact it was quite easy doing a few RTTY contests last year. Big advantage is that most RTTY operators are “naturally” using electronic QSL means, too. The trophy is made of 10 mm thick plexiglass but looks like massive glass. It’s only “drawback” is as it is transparent you need some “contrast” in the background to get it’s full beauty. 😉

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