Great VHF day!

Great day on VHF today! First QSO was with RD4AN in LN19 on 6 m. A new square, of course, as operation on 50 MHz in Russia is officially not yet allowed as far as I know. There were a few Russian guys on 6 m last year already. Maybe they have/had some special permits? During WRC19 in November last year some new regulations for the use of 50 MHz in ITU Region 1 were decided. Among them Russia agreed to grant access from 50,08 to 50,28 MHz for their country on a secondary basis but afaik didn’t transfer it to national law yet. Otherwise there would probably be exploding activity from Russia on the band. Anyway, WFWL – work first, worry later! 😉

TA2LG/KN50 provided another new square while 7Z1SJ from LL25 not only provided a new square but also a new country, #152 on 6 m. And that even in CW! 😎

But the 70 MHz band was no slouch either! There were good openings to the Balkans as well as Spain. Worked 5B60AIF/KM64 for a new DXCC (#42 on 4 m) and new square. SV2HQL in KM09 and EA1DA in IN82 were new squares, too (#202 on 4 m now). Also great to see/hear some “analogue” activity again:

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