Half-time on Bonaire

Being on the island for a week now I thought it might be nice to give a short update. We’re really enjoying ourselves. Usually doing a few contacts every morning (so far 3.000 QSOs in the log myself) then exploring the island.

Found some great places for swimming, snorkling or just relaxing. Bonaire is a great place to snorkle! Besides lots of colourful fish you can even find sea turtles overhere! Had a chance to swim with them already! A really great experience! And the water seems even more clear and clean than good German piped water! It’s a real pity we didn’t bring an underwater camera along …

Also having fun in the mornings feeding the local garden “residents” … seems they like bananas and papayas most. 😉

Besides the video here are a few more photo impressions, most of them taken by Paul, DL5CW, who’s a fantastic photographer!

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