Marconi Memorial Contest … and QRV on 2 m again

Just seeing I didn’t report on this blog that my 2 m PA used for remote ops had failed. 🙁 It happened right after the early October tropo. Returning from taking a nap on 4 October when switching on the amp remotely the 50 V power supply failed, no voltage anymore (easily seen even remote thanks to it’s great remote control software). Luckily I was local during the EA1 tropo but I missed the opening into Russia early last week (quite a lot of tropo openings recently!) due to that. 🙁

IMG-20151020-00165When I had holidays late October and was at the remote QTH I took the PA (an old model OM1002 by OM-Power) apart. Checking the built-in Cotek SPSU confirmed: all dead. A quick Google search revealed: a new fitting SPSU would cost ca. 550 EUR – ouch! 🙁

So we (Heiko, DG1BHA, was assisting) did some deeper investigations into the power supply itself and soon found the culprit: a small IC had burned and blasted away it’s top, see on the photo below the big transformer! Luckily we could still find the top inside the enclosure and identify the IC as a TNY280PN. It’s application notes on the web helped to understand what the circuit was good for and what else needed to be checked. Besides the TNY280PN an optocoupler as well as 2 diodes failed, too. Ordered new components and the rest is history now, since Thursday last week (just one day after the UA3 tropo ended, damn!) the OM1002 is working again, total repair cost less than 10 EUR. 😎 Many thanks to Heiko who soldered in the TNY280PN and put it all together again locally with me 700 km away just giving instructions. 😉 Hope it will hold a bit longer now.

Having a working 2 m station again I decided to at least hand out a few QSOs in this weekend’s Marconi Memorial Contest. There was a good chance for another tropo opening according to the F5LEN tropo forecast and indeed, there was a great lift between the U.K. and southern DL, OK/OM, HA, a.s.o. Unfortunately it never materialized in northeastern Germany so just bad to average condx in JO73 (and some really ugly QSB at times). Nevertheless among the few dozen QSOs done I worked these nice DX contacts > 700 km:

20151107   2219   TMØW           2 m.     CW       JN36BP      929
20151108   1210   G8T            2 m.     CW       JO01KJ      928
20151107   2202   F6HPP/P        2 m.     CW       JN19PG      875
20151108   0843   S55M           2 m.     CW       JN65XM      853
20151108   1230   HB9CLN         2 m.     CW       JN37WB      817
20151107   1904   S53D           2 m.     CW       JN76BD      784
20151107   1913   UR7DWW         2 m.     CW       KN18EO      766
20151108   1200   F8KID          2 m.     CW       JN38AT      750
20151107   2312   S59P           2 m.     CW       JN86AO      744
20151107   1850   HB9FAP         2 m.     CW       JN47PH      741
20151108   1049   S59ABC         2 m.     CW       JN76TO      740
20151107   2309   S57M           2 m.     CW       JN76PO      737
20151108   0658   HG1Z           2 m.     CW       JN86KU      730
20151108   1009   PA5KT          2 m.     CW       JO11WL      727
20151107   2249   S57O           2 m.     CW       JN86DT      725
20151108   1043   HA6W           2 m.     CW       KN08FB      720
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