MM/DH8BQA: 6 m opening from IO75kk

Marc, DO4DXA from JN58, asked during the contest if I could come to 6 m as it was open to Scotland. Did so after the contest was finished and easily worked him on CW with the KX3 matching the ZS6BKW with it’s built-in tuner. 😎 A few more CW-QSOs followed (10 in total) but activity was very limited. I then switched over to the IC-705 again (no noise on 6 m from the USB connection!), put the Elecraft T1 antenna tuner in line and matched the ZS6BKW on 6 m again. Astonishingly it worked quite well! Could then do a few more digital QSOs (15) and even worked DL3BQA and DL3BUA from home! 😎 All very spotty but nice to do some VHF contacts from abroad, too. Finally started disassembling the station after about 14z …

Working digital on 6 m … just 10 watts and an HF dipole!

Contacts worked from IO75kk including two “locals” … can you spot them? 😉

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