Multiple multi hop openings

Six has been in great shape lately. The band was open to the Middle East on June 14 almost all day long. Noteworthy QSOs were made with UK7AL/MN41, UN7NII/MN42, 9K2YM/LL48, A65BR/LL75, A71AE/LL55, A62A/LL75, 7Z1SJ/LL25, HZ1SK/KL91, A65IN/LL74, A92GE/LL56 as well as a bunch of TAs. It also opened to the West around noon allowing QSOs with J69DS/FK94, KP4DGW/FK68, WP4G/FK68, NP2J/FK77, HI8T/FK58. Heard a few more but tried to avoid working stations already logged before.  Lucky to finally catch St. Lucia for a new one. 😎 There was a short double hop opening to the Azores, too, enabling QSOs with CU2AP on 6m and CU2GI on 4 m, both in HM77. Quite a busy day … 🙂

June 15 brought another Middle East opening on 6 m again with 9K2NO/LL39 and 9K2YD/LL49 making it into the log. OJ0C/JP90 and OD5SX/KM74 were nice catches, too. Propagation dried down quite fast after noon.

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