QSL of the month – 70 cm Aurora confirmed

sm7gvf_70cm_auroraThis time I had another VHF/UHF goodie in the QSL pile from the local QSL manager. Kjell, SM7GVF, confirmed our Aurora QSO on 432 MHz done back in July 2012. What makes it so special is 2 things: a.) It’s really very seldom that Aurora condx are good enough to still reflect signals on 70 cm. During the last 25 years of being active on VHF/UHF myself I just made 2 Aurora QSOs on 70 cm, this was one of them (although I have to admit I’m not that active on 70 cm). b.) With Aurora being a backscatter mode you usually need high power for such QSOs. This one was made using just 20 watts (70 cm PA sold) and a 19 ele Yagi. 😉 Yes, it has been a very good AU opening, we worked down to S5 & 9A from here on 2 m at the same time. Nevertheless it is something very special to this VHF addict. 😉

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