Rare 2 m ES to the Northeast

Arrived early afternoon at the station today. Wanted to prepare a few things for the VHF contest this weekend and was monitoring the bands, of course. Thus no surprise I caught another short 2 m ES opening, this time to the Northeast which is very rare, ES on 144 MHz usually to the South (plus East/West) only from here. RX1AS was very weak (about a 51 report) calling on 144.300 MHz SSB but unfortunately I could not raise him with just 100 watts (knowing his ‘working conditions’ I don’t wonder why, hi). Until the amp had warmed he was down to 31/41 at best so even with high power no QSO possible, pity. This time no signals on FT8, imagine that! 😀 Seems the opening was much better further west (and with longer distances).

We also had quite an intense opening on 4 m to the Balkans again in the afternoon but just a few QSOs, there are simply not enough stations QRV. But at least LZ3AD was a new callsign in the log. 😎

11:37  RX1AS         KO59XW    51   HRD    2 m.   SSB   ES    1315
12:14  YO3DAC        KN34CK   -14   -16    4 m.   FT8   ES    1307
12:27  YO9IE         KN34AW   +14   -04    4 m.   FT8   ES    1255
13:15  YO7LGI        KN14XO   -12   +04    4 m.   FT8   ES    1189
13:28  YO9HP         KN35BA   +07   -05    4 m.   FT8   ES    1252
13:30  LZ2WO         KN23AL   -03   -02    4 m.   FT8   ES    1298
13:49  LZ3AD         KN32EQ   -09   -06    4 m.   FT8   ES    1473
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