saclogga_rightDid a few QSOs in the Scandinavian Activity Contest last night on 80 & 40 m. The contest has a nice LowBand class that fits perfectly for us here in northern Germany as the distance into Scandivia is rather short. Made a few more QSOs via backscatter this morning on the high bands just for fun and to hand out some more points although they didn’t count for me in the LowBand class. Activity by the Scandinavian countries was very good. Maybe I should block some more time next year (or even this year in the SSB part in October) to do a more serious effort …

                   Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: DH8BQA

Class: SO-LoBands HP
QTH: JO73ce
Operating Time (hrs): 5

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  80     29
   40:  90     34
   20: (17)      
   15: (15)      
   10: (20)      
Total: 170     63  Total Score = 10,710
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