Sporadic E on 2 m

ES-02.07.2014Finally a good opening this evening. It started with a lonely EI3KD being 59+20 while calling CQ on 144.300 MHz. Worked him with just 8 W as the PA was still off. 🙂 No other ones around. After he faded I put out a few CQs myself which were answered by EI4DQ, thanks Tom! Band closed afterwards to open up again 15 minutes later. Could work another 3 QSOs before sigs faded again. Another 10 minutes later it opened once more when EI9JS answered my CQ calls. All in all very patchy but with strong signals. While I was able to work into IO51 only at the beginning IO53 worked into other parts of Germany. Later on all shifted and EI7IX (new square #489) was pounding in very loud. Was a pleasure to listen to him for a while. As there is not too much activity in Ireland you can afford to take the time for such things. 😉 Did hear EI6GF in IO62 several times in CW but sorrily he could not hear me :-(, would have been another new square, too.

Log excerpt:

QSO by DH8BQA on 2 m.
Type of propagation: ES        Mode: All mode
From 02/07/2014 to 02/07/2014  Distance over: 0 Km.  Page: 1
02/07/2014  18:40  EI3KD    IO51VW   59 59  SSB         1515
02/07/2014  18:47  EI4DQ    IO51WU   59 59  SSB         1512
02/07/2014  19:03  EI7IX    IO53FT   59 59  SSB         1565
02/07/2014  19:09  EI3GYB   IO53OT   59 59  SSB         1516
02/07/2014  19:10  GI6ATZ   IO74AJ   59 59  SSB         1326
02/07/2014  19:22  EI9JS    IO53QX   59 59  SSB         1503
Number of QSO listed: 6

Made a few audio recordings again. Whenever you hear silence it was me talking. Audio monitor was off, sorry for that.

EI3KD (CQing):

EI4DQ (in QSO with me):

EI7IX (with a string of QSOs):

EI3GYB & GI6ATZ (in QSOs with me, both on same frequency):

EI6GF (CQing, but did not hear me despite 700 W and a 9 ele LFA):

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