Surprising Aurora opening

Being back from the WPX-SSB tour to JO73 I checked QRL emails Monday afternoon to make sure it would not be too much when returning into the office on Tuesday. Being done I just had a quick look at the DX cluster before wanting to go to my YL’s home. Astonished to see 2 m open via Aurora … who would have expected that being almost in sunspot minimum? 😉 Quickly turned on the rig and did a few QSOs on 2 m. Always nice to meet all the old VHF DX friends even having worked them numerous times before. Likewise nice to see some new callsigns in the log like SM5BTS. 😎

Finding no new stations to work on 2 m and nobody answering my CQs I checked 6 m but not much activity there either. Seeing cluster spots for 10 m Aurora QSOs from Scandinavia I went down another band. Boy, that was quite some fun, too. 😎 On 10 m signals are even less distorted than on 6 m so you can easily do SSB without too much distortion …

LA4UOA via Aurora on 28 MHz:

SM6YNO via Aurora on 28 MHz:

15:53  LA0BY         JO59FW   57A   59A    2 m.   CW    AUR    784
15:57  G4KUX         IO94BP   57A   55A    2 m.   CW    AUR   1063
16:02  SM5BTS        JO89WI   53A   57A    2 m.   CW    AUR    722
16:09  LA3BO         JO59CD   57A   59A    2 m.   CW    AUR    707
16:13  LA6OJ         JO38HH   53A   59A    2 m.   CW    AUR    740
16:18  SM4IVE        JO79SD   59A   59A    2 m.   CW    AUR    667
16:32  SM7GVF        JO77GA   57A   55A    2 m.   CW    AUR    427
16:34  SM6BFE        JO68DQ   57A   59A    2 m.   CW    AUR    623
16:38  LA9BM         JP40CN   57A   55A    6 m.   CW    AUR    896
16:43  LA4UOA        JO38QH   57A   55A   10 m.  SSB    AUR    712
16:48  SM6YNO        JO67GG   55A   54A   10 m.  SSB    AUR    466

After all the YL just had to wait for an hour longer … 😉

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