Temporary permit to use 4 m in DL again! :-)

German BNetzA informed today (Amtsblatt 8/2015, Mitteilung Nr. 412/2015) that they allow German class A radio amateurs to operate on 4 m again during the upcoming Sporadic E season. 😎 Effective from today the permit is valid until 31 August 2015 allowing transmissions between 70.150 and 70.180 MHz with a maximum bandwidth of 12 kHz and 25 watts ERP with horizontally polarized antennas. Everything on a non-interference basis.

So it was good to install the duoband antenna a few weeks ago already. 😉 I also built a coax based diplexer for 6/4 m during the last few days doing lots of measurements and learning quite a few new things along the line. Will try to report about that during the next few days here on the blog, too.

When going the 700 km home again this weekend to do the VHF contest on 2 m with the guys as DFØFA I will take the chance to also install the new coax cable and hopefully do my first ever 70 MHz QSOs as well then, even if only on tropo. 😉 Sure my new ME4T-PRO transverter (just arrived last week!) will do a superb job. We’re using it’s 2 m sibling ME2HT-PRO for our VHF contesting and it indeed is a great piece of hardware with excellent technical parameters! So hope to see you on 4 m soon …

And please look for us as DFØFA from JO73CF on 2 m during the contest this weekend!

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