VP5 – Turks & Caicos Islands #143 on 6 m

After the VHF contest was finished this afternoon I still monitored 6 m for another while while starting to disassemble all the equipment. There was another multihop ES opening into North America extending as far south-west as W5 with EM50, EM51, EM52 to be seen in FT8. Unfortunately I couldn’t raise anyone, just transceiver output power was obviously not enough as well as probably too many callers, too. Also in & out on FT8 was VQ5Z from Providenciales Island, Turks & Caicos Islands. Pete, VE3IKV, is expeditioning the Caribbean again, something he likes to do almost every summer with a special focus on 6 m to hand out new ones. While I couldn’t catch him on FT8 he later switched to CW (which is far more efficient if you have a decent opening! good decision, Pete) and was an easy QSO there! Maybe because all of the 6 m DXers & square collectors only hanging around in/on FT8 nowadays? 😎 Of course FL31 was a new square (#662), too. 😉

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