VP8/South Sandwich #307 & VP8/South Georgia #308

Not much radio activity recently. Just switched on the radio a few times during the last few days to chase & catch Intrepid DX’s VP8STI and VP8SGI activities for two ATNOs. 😎


The guys are doing a really great job handing out QSO after QSO against all odds! We really do have to congratulate them on their fine performance despite all the trouble with weather, etc. Reading a few of the (bad) cluster comments one really has to wonder what’s going on in those commenter’s heads? 🙁 Interestingly (is it?) it’s only those guys who never moved their butts out of their chairs to go DXpeditioning themselves! Probably all wanting to live in the land of milk and honey, too, being served all the DX on a plate?

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