WAG ’14

wag-qsos-per-hourThe Worked All Germany Contest 2014 is history now. After doing 1.923 QSOs last year with superb conditions but only keeping my butt 23 hours in the chair the goal for this year was to finally break the 2.000 QSO mark from our medium sized station and make it through the whole 24 hours, of course. I managed the latter but to be honest it was really difficult. I was not well prepared, i.e. not enough sleep the days before, too much QRL, a.s.o. I really had some senior moments especially Sunday morning when rates were low and microsleep caught me a few times. Sleep depriviation did not help with my not too good CW, too, so please excuse me for all the repeats needed. My mind simply switched of at times after receiving the first 2 or 3 letters of a caller. 😉

wag-qsos-cumulatedSo what about the other goal? Yes, I knocked down the 2.000. But this as well was real hard work as condx were much much worse then last year. An X-flare just before the contest was going to wipe out condx. Especially Sunday was really bad. 10 m stayed closed overhere until almost noon and even then only allowing QSOs up to UA9 and the more southern path’. Backscatter was bad, too, but got better again in the afternoon. Also North America opened again during the last contest hour on 10 m but only for the big guns and no high rates possible. Saturday was a lot better but even with a good 10 m opening right at the start of the contest it did not produce the same rates like last year. So I quickly QSYed down into the other bands.

wag-qso-deltaAs can be seen from the charts left and right (click them to enlarge) I lost a few QSOs at the beginning compared to last year. I made up for it later on and at times was ahead 185 QSOs (spent more time on 40 m working nice DL pileups). But the bad condx on Sunday let that edge shrink hour after hour. 🙁

Bad condx also meant bad points average as less DX was worked. I couldn’t get anything going on 20 m SSB at all. In general it was much more fun on CW so I might change over to the CW-only class next year instead of Mixed. 😉

Having my goal of breaking the 2.000 QSO mark I did not pay any attention to multipliers, just worked what came across. Yes, that’s not the right strategy for a high total score but this was not what I was aiming for this time. 😉 For scoring high you need a high QSO total as well as a high multiplier total. Both together will only work with SO2R techniques … something left to try in the future. 😉

After all the new antenna setup (see below) surely helped a bit at least against the bad conditions. Here’s the score summary …

                    Worked All Germany Contest

Call: DH8BQA

Class: SO Mixed HP
QTH: JO73ce
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  SSB Qs  Mults
   80:   342    259     42
   40:   300    239     44
   20:   202     17     43
   15:   240    138     42
   10:   182    103     44
Total:  1266    756    215  Total Score = 1,171,320

… and a more detailed comparison of 2013 vs. 2014 (claimed scores each):

Worked All Germany Contest Comparison 2013/2014
Data point                 2013            2014
SSN                         149              60
K-Index                     0-1             2-4
A-Index                       2            9-13
QSOs                       1923            2033
Mults                       244             216
QSO-Points                 5788            5448
Total points            1412272         1176768
Best 60 min rate            170             152
Best rate band              80m             40m
Equipment           Elecraft K3     Elecraft K3
Antenna 80 m       Inv-V dipole    Inv-V dipole
Antenna 40 m       Inv-V dipole    Inv-V dipole
Antenna 20 m       Cushcraft X7    4L Yagi (hb)
Antenna 15 m       Cushcraft X7    6L Yagi (hb)
Antenna 10 m       6L Yagi (hb)    6L Yagi (hb)

Detailed SH5 analysis is available here.

Believe it or not but I slept a continous 15 hours after being home again and having been awake for 36 hours. Seems my body was in demand … 😉 See you all in WWDX-SSB next weekend!

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