XE – Mexico on 6 m

Besides handing out a few more points in the 2 m contest this morning I was monitoring Six & Four all day long. While there was nothing on 4 m except a single EA1/IN52 there were some patchy openings on 6 m. I was never well situated to make it into the propagation path’ but could grab a few QSOs every now and then. Spent a lot of time to finally make contact with XE2X/EL06 who provided a new country. 😎

7Z1IS/LL34, KB4MRX/EL96, K5RK/EL29, UN3G/MN83, N2NL/EM50 were additional good DX during the afternoon.  J35X/FK92 and 9Y4D/FK90 were nice surprises late evening.

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