2 m ES & three new ones on 6 m

Nothing too special yesterday. 4 m was open every now and then, worked G, GW, YO, SV, EA8, 9H and OH. All very patchy and spread across the day.

Some more luck on 6 m this morning! Worked BX4AG/PL04 & BV6KO/PL03 in Taiwan as well as BA4SI/PM01 in China for two new countries. 😎 I’ve been chasing both for several years, glad to finally have made it. UN7BY/MO51 and UNØLK/MO13 were also nice catches.

Two opened to the east later, too:

10:09  UA4ALU        LN29LA   +03   -15    2 m.  FT8    ES    2178
10:21  R3KK          KO9ØRX   -10   -09    2 m.  FT8    ES    1733

Six opened to North America around noon enabling QSOs with WA2BOT/FN64, WX1S/FN43, N1SV/FN42, VE9GJ/FN77, W1FKF/FN43 & N3XX/EM73. Could catch good friend Rene as TA2/DL2JRM on 6 m CW from KN41, too. 🙂

Four was open to G, GM, EA and SV late afternoon. But the highlight certainly was Six to open again late evening, this time into South America with PV8DX/FJ92 and P43A/FK52 worked, the latter providing the 3rd new country today. 😎

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