Six, Four & Two into Spain

Sporadic-E was quite localized today. While 6 m was open into different directions (worked A7/LL55, 5T/IL10 and EA8/IL17 on double hops) it was basically Spain only on 4 m starting to open early evening only and one hour later 2 m opened, too:

18:16  EA5IK         IM98PG   -06   -04    2 m.  FT8    ES    2013
18:37  EA5IDZ        IM97JW   -11   +03    2 m.  FT8    ES    2067
18:40  EA5FKT        IM98OM   +01   -14    2 m.  FT8    ES    1993

There was a bit of traditional mode activity (CW & SSB) this time on 4 m, too:

DL3BQA working EA6SA on 4 m (sri bad quality):

Uwe, DL3BQA, is QRV on 4 m since a few weeks from home using his newly aquired IC-7300 into his shortwave antenna. Making comparisons to my station 4 km away we found on most signals signal strength not to differ too much. Of course the 6 ele Yagi performs better but after all there were not that many stations he could not work with his setup. And he certainly made up a bit having 3-4 dB more TX power compared to my transverter solution …

So that makes us 4 DLs QRV from JO73 on 4 m now plus a few SP1s.

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