4W – Timor Leste #294

It’s been quite quiet during the last few days concerning radio activity overhere. Heavy workload in QRL and rather bad condx so I didn’t spend much time on the radio. Now during the weekend I finally switched the rig on again and managed to work another ATNO. PE7T & 9V1YC are currently active from East Timor as 4W/PE7T & 4W/N1YC. Caught them both today, one on 20 m, the other one on 17 m, CW. Condx have improved during the last 2-3 days as well. Nice to see 15 m open around local midnight to A3 and KH6 on short path. Hope for another good DX season this autumn/winter before good ol’ sun finally drops activity and heads down into another sun spot minimum.

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