A few 2014 statistics

Now that 2014 is history time has come to do some statistical work. 😉 As already mentioned before this has been my most “radio active” year so far. I made almost 23.000 QSOs in total: 17.845 as DH8BQA, 2.816 as DM5ØPCK special event station op, 1.758 as NT3S from NJ, plus a bunch more operating DFØFA and DAØHQ during VHF contests where I didn’t keep track of how many QSOs exactly done by myself.

BQA-2014My own activity in Germany resulted in 20.661 QSOs from our station in JO73ce, either locally (13.497 QSOs) or remotely (7.164 QSOs). 237 DXCCs were worked although I didn’t pay any special attention to work as many countries as possible. The band by band breakdown shows a clear preference for “ten”, mainly due to all the contest QSOs but also the “daily DX” was focused on 10 m. Evidence for my addiction to the band as mentioned on this blog before. If it wasn’t 10 m then focus was on 15 m, especially during contests. You simply have to use the good condx in sunspot maximum (although a rather low max this time). The low bands will get some more focus in 2-3 years again. 😉 There’s some more potential for the WARC bands, too …

It was a bad year for 6 m. My totals on six are usually a bit higher but it was the worst Sporadic E season I remember. 2 m was a bit down from my yearly average as well. Reason is we activated DAØHQ in July contest which I usually do single op so missed those QSOs last year. On the other hand I was quite active on Meteor Scatter during the Perseids meteor shower at least …

Let’s see what 2015 brings along. Good luck & good DX everybody!

PS: If you wonder why the graph is missing a QSO (you did count them together, didn’t you? :)): I also made my first 9 cm = 3,4 GHz QSO last year (Heiko built up a new microwave station we had to test drive) that’s not in the picture above. 😉

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