Already 20.000 QSOs this year and still counting …

DBZ__20000_HitsJust saw that I already made my 20.000th QSO this year this evening. Thanks everybody worked! This is by far my most “radio-active” year in my ham career so far. And there are still a few more QSO chances (i.e. contests) to come. 😉

Having another week of holidays now I arrived at the station this afternoon to install all the equipment for next weekend’s CQ WWDX CW contest (*the* CW contest of the year) and also made a few more QSOs using our SES callsign DM5ØPCK which is valid until 30.11.2014. Was lucky to catch a few more VU4KV slots, too. Condx were rather bad during the last few days but came back nicely today, even worked a few west coast guys on 10 m although the band closed early (well, getting into winter condx now). Hope for some great propagation during the contest, really keeping fingers crossed! If so you will certainly find me on 10 m single band again.

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