A little VHF propagation and activity

Bands were rather quiet during the week and QRL kept me busy anyway. A little more propagation today but still all very selective. Anyway, nice to see 4 m opening to Greece at least (also heard/saw two Maltese for about 2 minutes) with JM99 as a new square (now #186), too. 😎 Even 6 m provided a new one with KM29 (#663) today and even in SSB, who would have thought that? 😉 I have to admit I lost interest in 6 m a little as I think things changed not for the good during the last two years or so operations-wise and besides JO73 being the 6 m blackhole anyway. No fun to listen to all the other guys working the DX while it never pops up over here. It seems we’re always half a hop too close or too far. There are typical spots that always get the good propagation even if people there are complaining, too. 😀

15:43 SV4AAQ         KM19LI   +12   +02    4 m.   FT8   ES    1675
15:51 SV2JAO         KN1ØDN   -04   -17    4 m.   FT8   ES    1530
15:56 SV8CS          KMØ7JS   +07   +03    4 m.   FT8   ES    1787
16:04 SV8PEX         JM99VR   +09   -03    4 m.   FT8   ES    1555
16:27 TA2AO/4        KM37QB   599   599    6 m.   CW    ES    2061
16:50 J48GEO         KM29WF    59    59    6 m.   SSB   ES    1787
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