My third world win this year? WPX-CW claimed scores :-)

Boy, that was fast! WPX-CW claimed scores have already been posted on the CQ WPX website. I never would have thought I could ever win the 10 m category from Germany! Usually it’s either the South American guys who take the win, profiting from propagation to Europe as well as North America, i.e. the two most densly populated regions, at least when it comes to amateur radio contest activity, or someone from the Balkans or Southern Europe with usually much better propagation than northern Germany, too. Seems this time the (Sporadic E) propagation god was with me. 🙂 Not only that I’ve probably won the SOSB10(A) category (margin to second place is big enough to survive the log checking process) but also have posted the highest 10 m score overall. 😎

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