A small but unstable tropo opening

Was occasionally checking the F5LEN Tropo Forecast and saw there might be some lift yesterday but was stuck with other duties so couldn’t make it to the station. Indeed there were tropo contacts well above 1.500 km from eastern Poland to the U.K. and even this morning still a few good contacts reported. But tropo shifted fast so there was not much left in the afternoon, only locals to be heard when back from QRL. Conditions came up a bit again later today but still with lots of QSB and most signals weak and in & out fast, obviously not comparable to yesterday. Under these condx FT8 does have an advantage and I was lucky to make use of it. None of the QSOs would have been possible in CW & SSB except G4CDN but I can work Richard daily anyway, even in CW. 😉

MØCGL was very loud at times, too, and I wondered why he had difficulties to pick up my signal and why he gave me such a bad signal strength report compared to his own signal, a difference of almost 20 db! Up to 10 dB difference is not unusual (assuming comparable equipment +/- a bit) depending on local circumstances like noise, QRM, (no) preamp, a.s.o. It took me a while to recognize I simply had forgotten to switch on the PA again after the condx break of 45 minutes. 😀 So the QSO was made with just 8 watts and the 9 ele GØKSC LFA Yagi over here. 😎

15:37 MØCVX          IO93RE   -04   -03    2 m.   FT8   TR     981
15:59 G4CDN          JOØ2SS   +15   +05    2 m.   FT8   TR     848
16:01 G4TRA          IO81WN   -18   -17    2 m.   FT8   TR    1120
16:12 G4HGI          IO83PL   -08   -13    2 m.   FT8   TR    1121
16:58 MØCGL          JOØ3BF   +05   -16    2 m.   FT8   TR     936
17:05 G4GFI          IO91VH   -15   -14    2 m.   FT8   TR    1001
17:06 PDØNUD         JO21NT   -16   -11    2 m.   FT8   TR     633
17:10 G4IJE          JOØ1HP   -10   -14    2 m.   FT8   TR     935
17:37 2EØWDX         IO94FW   -14   -09    2 m.   FT8   TR    1043
17:41 MØWGF          JOØ1JK   -10   -12    2 m.   FT8   TR     931
17:51 G4ATX          JOØ1MI   -16   -09    2 m.   FT8   TR     917
17:53 G4DHF          IO92UU   -14   -11    2 m.   FT8   TR     969
17:58 MØPYU          IO93SA   -14   -12    2 m.   FT8   TR     977
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