Bad condx

Arrived at the contest QTH yesterday evening, set up the station and was happy to see some ufb 10 m condx, band still open 19z overhere to the west coast. That *did* look promising for ARRLDX-SSB this weekend. Meanwhile there were some solar flares and today condx are really bad, heard just a few weak east coast signals on ten, that’s all. 🙁 Yes, we are quite up north within Germany (and Europe, of course) and this *does* make a difference. Hope condx will improve again and tomorrow will be better but fearing the worst. So will certainly start AB first and then see how things will evolve and maybe switch over to single band 10 m then again. Keeping fingers crossed! Hope to see you guys in W/VE during the contest. Meanwhile spending some time chasing all the Sotchi special event stations. 😉

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