Bands hot again

Another great day! Started with a JA opening on 6 m although only 3 stations wkd (all JA8 from QN03/23). Once again I had the feeling being much too weak although running 400 watts into an 8 ele longyagi. 🙁

4 m opened 8:30z and was open literally all day long into different directions (9A, 9H, G, GM, EA, SV, YO, S5 wkd). Icing on the cake was working IZØAXF/JN61, probably still illegal. Hope Italy will get a permit to operate on 4 m again soon, there are so many potential new squares to be worked. 😉 MUF got higher and higher during the day enabling inner-DL contacts on 4 m with as low as 600 km distance to JN48! So it was just a question of time for 2 m to open and it did although we were not well positioned thus all very patchy. But a few good QSOs were made:

14:46  EA2Z          IN91MP   +02   +09   2 m.   FT8    ES    1710
16:01  EA6SX         JM19IK   +09   +11   2 m.   FT8    ES    1760
17:38  EA4T          IN7ØXK   -04   -04   2 m.   FT8    ES    1973
17:52  EA2CDY        IN82VI   -07   -06   2 m.   FT8    ES    1711
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