Nice openings on 6, 4 & 2 m with new ones

Early start this morning with the first QSO on 4 m at 7:30z into the Balkans. Beaming East 6 m provided interesting QSOs and new squares with UN7DAT/NO00 and RD6AK/KN85. I doubt that the latter is legal but as always: WFWL – work first, worry later. 😉

Two opened to Greece around 9:30z and I was very lucky to catch Erwin, DK5EW, on his DXpedition for a rare new square (unfortunately I missed him in the other ones). A bit later we had another brief opening, this time to UA6:

09:27  SV1CEV        KM17UW   -09   +02   2 m.   FT8    ES    1846
09:29  SV9/DK5EW     KM15WL   -17   +02   2 m.   FT8    ES    2109
09:35  SV9CJO        KM25FI   +05   +09   2 m.   FT8    ES    2139
09:37  SV1DNU        KM18VB   -15   -10   2 m.   FT8    ES    1835
11:02  UC6A          KN84PV   +08   +06   2 m.   FT8    ES    1906
11:04  R6AS          KN85TC   +17   +04   2 m.   FT8    ES    1913
11:07  R6BY          KN84PV   -04   +10   2 m.   FT8    ES    1906

Have been heard in UA3 and IT9, too! While the latter might well have been ES (the band was open to the South) I suppose the first was rather MS.

Carribean on 6 m with ZF1EJ as a new one around 13:30z, plus HI8 (FK58) added to the mix. Some more 4 m in between (EI, GM, OH) and a short 6 m opening to the U.S. around 15:30z providing EN91, FM17, FM19 squares.

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