This year the Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) which I’m a member of wants to activate more than 80% of its members in the main contests with club competitions. One part of this year’s program was/is also two BCC QSO parties. The first one was held today and lots of fun! 😎

Exchange (and multiplier) was/is one’s own T-Shirt size as every member active will get a club shirt at the end of the year. So cheating with one’s exchange might be counterproductive. 😉

I took part remotely. While everything worked fine during the CW & SSB time slots of 30 min each I had some audio trouble during the RTTY slot which cost me about 5 min OP time, i.e. almost 20% of the time slot and probably 4-5 QSOs. Not sure what the reason was as it vanished all alone …

Anyway, here’s the result. Already looking forward to the next one in September! 😎

                   BCC QSO Party Summary Sheet

    CallSign Used : DH8BQA

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
             Band : 80M
            Power : LOW
             Mode : MIXED+DIG
 Default Exchange : XXL
       Gridsquare : JO73CE

        Club/Team : Bavarian Contest Club

        Band  Mode   QSOs   MemPts  NonMemPts  Mults
         3,5  CW      38      66        5        10
         3,5  LSB     36      68        2         8
         3,5  RTTY    26      50        1         5
       Total  Both   100     184        8        23

       Score : 4416

         Rig : K3, 100W
    Antennas : Dipol
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