V31FO/V37DX QSL designs finished & first cards sent

Finished designing the QSLs for our recent trip to Belize and got the first batch of cards from the printer. Made a few adjustments and out of the 5 different motives test-printed decided to use these two for all the paperwork:

(Click to see front and back as PDF file)

(Click to see front and back as PDF file)

Don’t be confused by the white edging on the FO card. These are the original files sent to the printer and cards will be cut by 3 mm on each side during the printing process so there won’t be any edging afterwards anymore. I just wanted to have as much as possible picture content visible. 😉

Received 40 direct QSL requests through OQRS so far as well as 3 real direct cards (not sure if people can’t read, OQRS is so much easier and cheaper for the requestor, too!) that have been answered using the test cards already. 😎

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