Centennial Points Challenge Award

Unexpectedly something in the mailbox again today! 🙂 That’s for sure one I’m really proud of and one of the few that will find it’s place on the shack wall! I really like all the new designs of ARRL, be it the Centennial Awards or all the new style contest awards! 😎


Being active in the ARRL’s Centennial QP activities chasing the W1AW portable stations but also being very “radio-active” in general last year provided the chance to reach the top level with it’s needed 15.000 points easily. Besides extra points for the W1AW contacts every ARRL member was worth points (me too!) so a lot of the “normal” QSOs done during the year 2014 counted, too. I placed 3rd out of 1.475 German single operator participants on the leader board. 😎 Didn’t expect to receive the award that fast as I had only applied for it 2 weeks ago. ARRL staff is obviously doing a great job getting all the paper out the door! Now waiting to find the W1AW portable WAS Award and the plaque which I also applied for in the mailbox, too. 😉

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