SP DX contest certificate received

SP-DX-2014-DH8BQA Found the winner certificate for my last year’s entry in the SP DX contest in the post box today. I have to admit I liked the “old design” of the contest certificates much better!

Remember my participation quite well as it was lots of fun chasing the guys all on backscatter. Being located directly at the DL-SP border there is no chance for any sky wave propagation into Poland on 10 m (except maybe some Sporadic-E into the southeastern-most parts of the country with 500-700 km distance … but even then it must be a very good ES opening with high MUF to enable short distances which is not common at all that time of the year). Thus relying entirely on BS with weak signals was a challenge at times but almost all of the SP guys are very good operators so no problem. And it was even good for a new country record. 😎

Also thought about participating in this year’s contest again, maybe on 80 m, but due to the bad weather before Easter (the contest conincided with Easter again this year) I rather spent Saturday and a bit of Easter Sunday completing our antenna builds. So maybe next year again.

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