No activity at all during the last 4 weeks. Just too much QRL and not really up for the hobby. But wanted to do a few QSOs during WPX-SSB at least. As you might know we’re sharing our station. This time Uwe, DL3BQA, had the choice of band and started as DMØY in the SOSB15 category. 10 m was a dead loss, condx just sucked. 20 m is really not my cup of tea for going single band in an SSB contest and for the lower bands it’s still just simple wires. Thus decided not to go single band but just do a few QSOs every now and then as SOAB(A) on the remaining bands. Goal was to put up 1 million points for the BCC club score. Well, that was already reached before going to bed Saturday evening so next goal then was 1111 and then 1234 QSOs for a nice number. 😉 But couldn’t stop it as I had a nice run going into North America late Sunday afternoon so set yet another new goal. 😉 That finally was 2 million points plus some 5% on top for the usual logging errors. And here we go, suddenly some 20 hours of BIC time gathered … 😉

Recorded all the QSOs again and uploaded them to http://qsorder-k3it.rhcloud.com/ if you want to take a listen. Wished more people would use it. Sharing contest recordings has never been so easy! 😎

                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: DH8BQA

Class: SO(A)AB HP
QTH: JO73ce
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  QSOs
  160:   62
   80:  330
   40:  421
   20:  535
   15:    2
   10:   11
Total: 1361  Prefixes = 706  Total Score = 2,105,292

Club: Bavarian Contest Club

Elecraft K3, PA + beams & wires
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