P4ØFA QSL card variants

Finished the artwork for the P4ØFA QSL cards, too. Still undecided which one to use, somehow I like them all! 😉 Ordered a small batch of cards for every design to see how they look like in reality. It always makes a (small) difference having them full format on a screen versus having them printed on 14 x 9 cm cardboard. My favourite is the first one although the iguana on the coax cable has something special to it, too. 😉

p40fa-1aAruban iguana (photo courtesy of Paul, P4/DL5CW).

p40fa-2aTypical Aruban landscape (picture taken in Arikok National Park).

p40fa-4aThe P49V station iguana a.k.a. the coax cable inspector. 😉

p40fa-5aThe P49V station iguana sun-bathing on the coax lines. 😉

p40fa-1b-rahmenThe backside will certainly look like this (with variations depending on front side).

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