CQMM – The CQ Manchester Mineira DX Contest

CWMM DX ContestWhile waiting today for Heiko, DG1BHA, to arrive for the 15 m rotator care I made a few more QSOs in CQMM. Seems to be an interesting contest although activity was not too high. Did 50 QSOs yesterday, 100 while waiting for Heiko and finally another 100 after the 15 m rotator was fixed and before leaving the station to go back into town. We had a surprise opening on 10 m late afternoon with very strange path’ and amazing signal strength’ but more on that in a separate blog entry, maybe tomorrow when back in Cologne.

                   CQ Manchester Mineira DX Contest

Call: DH8BQA

Class: SOSB/10 HP
QTH: JO73ce
Operating Time (hrs): 8

 Band  QSOs  Prefixes
   20:  (1)     (1)
   10:  263      47
Total:  252      47  Countries = 51  Total Score = 107,118

Elecraft K3, PA + 6 ele OWA Yagi

Couldn’t resist to do one QSO on 20 m to give Carol, N2MM, who hosted me during WPX-SSB, some points. 😉

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