ESØUG & ESØUG/8 – IOTA & VHF DXpedition

Uwe, DL3BQA, co-owner of our station, is currently on an IOTA & VHF DXpedition to Estonia. He was joined by some guys from Dresden (DM7A contest club), i.e. Fred, DH5FS, Steffen, DH1DM, and Henrik, DGØLFF. You can see their schedule on the lefthand picture and their expedition blog at which also hosts a few more operating information.

I worked the guys yesterday evening on 6 m via Meteor Scatter and also heard/saw them for a short while on 2 m Tropo on FT8 but unfortunately no complete QSO although distance should not be that much of a problem at only 822 km. Maybe better luck next time and certainly not that important, I do have KO18 worked/confirmed on 2 m already. 4 m didn’t work yesterday, simply no “stones” around. Therefor stood up early this morning and caught them on 4 m MS for a new square around 5z before leaving for QRL. 😎

They will close down the station in KO18XD tomorrow morning and move on to KO19. Eager to work them from there, too, should be a new square on two bands at least …

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