First 4 m ES opening + 6 m ES/TEP link

Father’s Day is a public holiday overhere so I had the chance to be at the station early morning already. Sporadic E season has started and the whole day saw massive ES propagation over all of Europe. MUF went up quickly and also 4 m opened early. Unfortunately I was too close to the reflection zone so the party was rather between OH/ES and G/PA/W-DL during the morning. So only made a few QSOs into Scandinavia on 6 m but nothing new worked. Also worked Udo, DK5YA, for a new square on 70 MHz tropo. Despite 500 km distance CW signals were loud enough for an easy QSO. But it took a bit longer nevertheless as the OIRT QRM from the back of the beam was enormous!

Around 11:20z 4 m opened into the West and propagation path’ were a better fit then. First QSO was with Richard, GU8FBO, thus a new DXCC right for the start. 😎 It took another 20 min until the band opened into more inhabited areas of the U.K. and I could enjoy a great 10 min pileup. 😉 Afterwards there were some other small and patchy openings allowing a few more contacts here and there. The following guys made it into the log:

11:20 GU8FBO         IN89QK  57     55     4 m.   SSB   ES    1238
11:42 G8HGN          JOØ1FO  55     55     4 m.   SSB   ES     948
11:42 G4MKF          IO91HJ  57     57     4 m.   SSB   ES    1076
11:43 G4FUF          JOØ1GN  59     59     4 m.   SSB   ES     943
11:44 G3PFM          IO8ØXS  59     59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1142
11:45 GW3LEW         IO71PS  59     59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1287
11:46 G3NPI          IO92MA  59     57     4 m.   SSB   ES    1030
11:47 G3VXM          IO9ØLT  59     59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1074
11:47 2EØNEY         IO81VK  59     59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1130
11:48 G7SVF          IO9ØIS  59     59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1092
11:49 G4AJC          IO91VJ  59     59     4 m.   SSB   ES     998
11:50 G3ZEZ          JOØ1NT  57     55     4 m.   SSB   ES     897
11:51 G8VYK          JOØ1FO  55     55     4 m.   SSB   ES     948
12:01 EI8IQ          IO62SF  57     58     4 m.   SSB   ES    1391
12:02 M5MUF          IO92JP  59     57     4 m.   SSB   ES    1033
12:10 GWØIRW         IO72XD  599    599    4 m.   CW    ES    1232
12:35 EI4DQ          IO51WU  59     59     4 m.   SSB   ES    1512
12:42 EI3IO          IO63WF  599    599    4 m.   CW    ES    1349

Worked a bunch of new squares during the opening, too, but hey, that’s not too difficult having just started collecting on 4 m. 😉

Here’s a nice audio recording. Had to cut out a bit as my own voice monitor was off and I didn’t want to bore you with listening to silence inbetween. 😉

Running a nice 4 m pileup:

Also heard a number of beacons. Most of them audible for a few minutes, then vanishing while the next one popped out of the noise. A pity that the active GM stations could not be heard/worked while GM8RBR/B was in. Also a pity nobody was QRV on OY!






MUF went down during the afternoon and also 6 m was calm. Sporadic E took another peak in the evening and linked into TEP first into South Africa and later into South America. Although there was nothing new to work such openings are always fun and make for the fascination of the “Magic Band”. 😉

17:02 ZS4TX/6        KG47UR  579    HRD    6 m.   CW    TEP   8521
19:23 PP1CZ/B        GG99UR  529    HRD    6 m.   CW    TEP   9692
19:26 PY1RO          GG87LB  559    579    6 m.   CW    TEP  10090

 Made a few more audio recordings, enjoy!




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