FW – Wallis & Futuna Islands #305

FW5JJWell, I finally defeated my “nemesis”! 😀
I have been chasing Jean-Jaques, FW5JJ, for a few month’ now. Whenever he was QRV we either had no propagation (it’s a difficult path almost directly over the Northpole) or if he was indeed audible I couldn’t break the pileups …
When I was young(er) I always smiled to myself when the old local DXers told their stories about their nemesis’, i.e. needing years to catch a certain DXCC country on the radio. I always said to myself “that’s bullshit”, it’s just a matter of perserverance, knowledge and a good station! Well, until I started “failing” to catch JJ on Wallis Island. 😉 But all is good now, caught him this morning on 17 m CW for an ATNO. 😎

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